Welcome Home.
Inviting travelers to live at their own pace and bring out their unique self.

Are you seeking a home?
Come, join us!

With the vision to create a home away from home, where everyone is welcome and respected, we give an opportunity to young and old travelers alike to experience a life with a different approach. Inviting piopl (people) to our community, they leave as a part of the crew and come back as a family.

Unique Family

We strongly feel that people need a place to explore and let their creation speak. We take great responsibility to give travelers a home where they can stay, observe and contribute at their own pace.

Close to beach

Your home is just a min of walk from the beach. Well, we all want one, don’t we? Get ready to witness Anjuna’s rich culture, food and breathtaking views.

Positive Experience

With so many travelers from different countries at one place, this place is rich in variety of perspectives. Indulge deeply and witness a life changing experience.

Share your creativity!

You have a quote in your mind? A mantra? A mandala? A tree of life? Why wait? Grab a brush and start painting. Or maybe you are a developer or designer looking to take a break and pour in your creativity. Come help us with our website.

Are you the master of recycling?

Help us make this place eco-friendly! We try to recycle and reuse every waste we produce. Do you know what to do with those plastic bottles? Can you reinvent the roof with broken pieces here and there?

Come over, let’s do it together!

Cook for the crew!

We cook together! And we eat together! Share your time, knowledge and space with everyone around you. Experience the richness of international cuisines fused with Indian spices.

Sing and jam!

Do you love to carry your guitar with yourself? Amazing! We have some in house musical instruments too. Come, sing and dance with us.

Build, repair and rebuild!

Our home is constantly changing and their is always a spot for more creative renovation.Whether you are a carpenter, or you know how to drill a hole, help us!

Who are you?

Do you have questions from yourself? Are you are on a a break? Music, dance, technology, or carpenting. Feel at home and have an amazing time exploring your own vivid imagination.

Hear the travelers!

One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.

Friedrich Nietzsche